Fifth Avenue of Arts Parking Garage

Nashville, Tennessee

In November 2014, the MDHA Downtown Parking Garage was financed by Atwater Infrastructure using a lease-leaseback structure. The project, owned by the city’s Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency, contains 1,000 self-park spaces on 12 parking levels and 17,700 square feet of street-level retail and commercial space. EOA Architects and R.C. Mathews Contractor, both Nashville firms, provided design and construction services.

Construction on the parking facility commenced in November 2015, and was completed in November 2016.

  • Services Provided
    Social Infrastructure P3

  • Project Elements
    $42 MM Project
    1,000 parking stalls and 17,000 SF Building

  • Project Timeline
    Financial Close: 2015
    Construction Completion: 2016

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