The Team

Victor Miramontes is a Partner at Atwater Infrastructure Partners. Mr. Miramontes brings more than 30 years of experience in infrastructure, real estate, and banking. He also is the co-founder and Vice Chairman of CityView, an institutional asset management firm focusing on urban residential and mixed-use projects. He was responsible for the company’s initial conceptualization, formation, funding, and start of operations. He is a member of the CityView board of directors and serves on the investment committees of the company’s various funds. To date, CityView has developed in excess of $5 billion in projects, providing almost 12,000 residential units and supportive commercial mixed-use properties.

He is also the co-founder of Avanzar, a local Tier 1 Toyota supplier, and is the Chairman of the local ownership group SAT Auto Technologies. Mr. Miramontes is a managing member of Mission DG and is active in a number of the company’s San Antonio projects. Prior to the formation of CityView and Avanzar, Mr. Miramontes was the CEO of the North American Development Bank (NADB), an international development bank. NADB provides key infrastructure including water, wastewater treatment, transportation, and energy products in US-Mexico border communities.

He is the managing partner of Cisneros Miramontes DG, LLC the managing member of Mission DG.

B.A. - Stanford University
M.A. - Stanford University
J.D. - Stanford University

[email protected]